Dr. Khaleghi Joins Dean's Leadership Council at UCI School of Biological Sciences

Dr. Khaleghi, the leading rheumatologist at Pacific Rheumatology Medical Center (PRMC), has recently joined the Dean’s Leadership Council (DLC) at the UCI School of Biological Sciences. He joins an established group of individuals who regularly interface with the Dean and BioSci leadership on various issues, such as admissions, curriculum, research, alumni relations, advocacy, and community relations.

“It is a great honor to be a part of the Dean's Leadership Council at UCI BioSci”, said Dr. Khaleghi. “There is a huge responsibility to assist the dean and his leadership and development staff in building strategic relationships to garner philanthropic gifts to support the school, its departments, and its associated programs and research centers.”

Headed by Dean Frank LaFerla, Ph.D., the DLC is the main community and industry link for UCI School of Biological Sciences. The board consists of alumni, industry leaders, and other community friends who serve as ambassadors on behalf of the School of Biological Sciences.

“I hope to serve as an ambassador and advocate for the council and to build relationships with individuals and organizations,” said Dr. Khaleghi. By joining the DLC, Dr. Khaleghi and our team at PRMC have moved towards new pathways to create a meaningful impact for Orange County. Get in touch with our office to see how you can participate in our work.


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