How IV Vitamin Therapy Can Boost Your Overall Health

How IV Vitamin Therapy Can Boost Your Overall Health

Vitamins and minerals are called essential nutrients for good reason. They perform hundreds of roles that keep your body alive and healthy, yet your body doesn’t produce them. That means they need to come through your diet.

You can develop a nutritional deficiency if you don’t eat a balanced diet or for many possible reasons. But no matter what causes your deficiency, the lack of nutrients can lead to fatigue, illness, and a host of common health conditions.

The faster way to restore nutrients and regain your health is with IV vitamin therapy at Pacific Rheumatology. We’re here to answer your questions and determine if IV vitamin therapy can give you the boost you need. In the meantime, this blog gives you the basics about IV vitamin therapy and how it supports your health.

Vitamins maintain your health

Nutrition is the foundation of good health. You need nutrients to produce energy, maintain your immune system, produce enzymes and proteins, build tissues, heal wounds, and keep your heart, brain, muscles, and nerves working. In other words, nutrients keep you alive and healthy.

Even when you do your best to eat a balanced diet, it’s surprisingly easy to end up with nutritional deficiencies. Your body doesn’t store most vitamins and minerals, yet any time it’s under stress, it uses more nutrients than normal. As a result, nutrients quickly become depleted. 

Your risk of developing a nutritional deficiency increases if you:

Luckily, the solution to a nutritional deficiency is simple: You need to consume more nutrients either through your food or supplements. But most people can’t afford to eat more food to boost nutrients or they risk gaining weight. And IV vitamin therapy is a much better choice than supplements for quickly offsetting a deficiency.

IV vitamin therapy enhances your results

Oral supplements have several drawbacks. They may not break down properly in your stomach. Or the supplement may not be fully absorbed in your small intestine. 

Malabsorption is a common problem that occurs for many possible reasons, ranging from food allergies or a lack of digestive enzymes to small intestine bacterial overgrowth and rheumatic diseases.

Any problem that interferes with intestinal absorption prevents nutrients from getting into your bloodstream and reaching cells that are desperate for nutrients.

By comparison, IV vitamin therapy goes directly into your bloodstream. It’s the quickest and most reliable way to restore nutritional deficiencies and rehydrate your body with fluids. With IV delivery, you get the full dose, and the nutrients quickly flow through your bloodstream to all the cells that need nutrients. 

Another advantage of IV vitamin therapy is that we can give you the exact nutrients you need. We often recommend a classic Myers’ cocktail. This mix contains a broad range of nutrients that boost your energy and improve many health conditions, including:

If you struggle with fatigue or worry about your nutritional status due to the effect of physical or emotional stress, call Pacific Rheumatology for a nutritional evaluation or book an appointment online right now. We’re happy to see you at one of our offices in Tustin and Laguna Hills, California.

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